September 15, 2011

Classical Association of the Atlantic States Grant Programs


Each year CAAS offers its members grant money to strengthen the teaching of and foster public support for the languages, civilizations, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Resource: Grants of up to $300 are awarded to individual educators to use to enhance or promote their local programs. Such grants can be used for supplies, purchasing publications, field trips, or speakers.
Professional Development: Grants of up to $500 are awarded to individual educators to attend any program, workshop, or meeting (other than CAAS's own meeting) which has as a stated goal the improvement or expansion of the instructor’s skills as a teacher. While proposals with substantial components of teaching and learning in the Classics are encouraged, the experience need not be solely classics-related, but should provide skills that can have a direct effect on the classroom environment. The money may be used to cover tuition/fees, books, travel and meals (mileage and food reimbursed at the IRS level).
Program: Larger grants underwrite programs that encourage the study and understanding of the Classics and classical civilization among a wider audience within the CAAS region, e.g., performances, publications, special gatherings or series.

The Grants Committee will review all applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, awarding grants based upon their merit and as funding is available.

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