April 7, 2011

DiversityLearningK12: Professional Development Opportunities

From http://www.diversitylearningk12.com/index.html

English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest-growing population in American schools. Their numbers, estimated at 5.5 million today, are projected to grow to one in four K-12 students by 2025. In many districts, ELLs pose the greatest educational challenges. Yet expertise to address their unique needs is often in short supply.

DiversityLearningK12 empowers educators to respond effectively and proactively by offering professional services uniquely tailored to their students, schools, and communities.

Their areas of specialization include:

* Second-language acquisition
* Bilingual teaching methods
* ELL program design
* Sheltered instruction
* Literacy and biliteracy
* Assessment
* Constructivist pedagogy
* Multicultural education
* Language proficiency and disability
* Parent involvement
* Media outreach
* Education policy

DiversityLearningK12 will customize workshops to the needs of districts, schools, universities, or other institutions. They offer both individual sessions and Professional Development Mini-Conferences.

Learn more at http://www.diversitylearningk12.com/index.html

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